Zinba Animation Series In Hindi Dubbed Free Download

Zinba is a Chinese animation series in Hindi dubbed. It is a family, comedy, children’s animation series. This animation series was telecast on television on 12 September 2017. The running time of television per episode of this Animation series is up to 22 min. The story of this animation series is very funny and interesting. You will definitely find this animation series very interesting. You can also find this animation series in Hindi, you can download this animation series by clicking on the link given below.

Zinba In Hindi Dubbed

Season 1

Episode 1: First Contact

Episode 2: The Dux

Episode 3: Nine O’Clock Team

Episode 4: The Second Strike

Episode 5: Rescue Mission

Episode 6: What A Foe

Episode 7: Prince Charming?

Episode 8: Mysterious Wululu

Episode 9: Double Zinba

Episode 10: Zinba Forbidden Zone

Episode 11: Lord Of The Sea

Episode 12: Behind The Mask

Episode 13: Dux’s Cover

Episode 14: The New Nation

Episode 15: Zinba Circus

Episode 16: The Super Tito

Episode 17: Giant Crab Zinba

Episode 18: Kan’s Second Zinba

Episode 19: Fierce Sea Battle

Episode 20: Hotspring Holiday

Episode 21: Battle Royal

Episode 22: Conspiracy Roll Out

Episode 23: Precious Pearl

Episode 24: Night Before Battle

Episode 25: Breaking Out

Episode 26: Face Off

Episode 27: The Rupeas Nation

Episode 28: Zinba Race

Episode 29: Keeyo Fight!

Episode 30: Reunion

Episode 31: Shadow Of Tabo

Episode 32: The Chasing

Episode 33: Zinba Town

Episode 34: Windy’s Brother

Episode 35: The Legendary Summoner

Episode 36: Dux Reunion

Episode 37: The Fruit Of Strength

Episode 38: The Fake Dux

Episode 39: Father & Sun

Episode 40: Crazy Gorila

Episode 41: One Day Friendship

Episode 42: Man-Made Zinba

Episode 43: Summoner’s Feast

Episode 44: Taste Of Goodbye

Episode 45: Majure’s Zinba

Episode 46: The Legendary Zinba

Episode 47: Zinba Flute

Episode 48: The Tower

Episode 49: Tough Battle

Episode 50: The Last Battle

Episode 51: Reverse Linking

Season Finale Episode 52: Zimba, Human, Machine (Season 1 Completed)

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