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Tower Of God Hindi Subbed Anime Download Full HD

Tower of God This is an action anime that has been divided into several episodes. 13 episodes of this anime series have been made. This anime is full of story action and drama. The story of this anime is based on a tower. In this series episode, you will see a girl who lives on the ground floor of a tower with her friend.

The girl wishes that she reaches the top floor of the same tower. One day that girl goes to the top floor of the tower alone. Her friend also goes after that girl.  Each floor of that tower has to face different problems. Different types of difficulties occur in each tower.  As the story progresses, you will see which problems they both face. You will find this action anime in Hindi also. Links are given below.

Tower Of God Hindi Subbed

Episode 1 – Ball!

Episode 2 – Yonhyaku-bun no San!

Episode 3 – The Correct Door!

Episode 4 – Midori no Shigatsu!

Episode 5 – The Crown’s Fate!

Episode 6 – Position Selection!

Episode 7 – Lunch & Tag!

Episode 8 – Khun’s Strategy

Episode 9 – The One-Horned Ogre

Episode 10 – Beyond the Sadness

Episode 11 – Underwater Hunt Part1!

Episode 12 – Underwater Hunt Part2!

Episode 13 – Tower of God! (Final)

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