The Garden Of Words Review

The Garden Of Words Review:- In today’s time, the craze of anime has increased so much. Whether children and all the people of all generations like to watch this very much. If you are an anime lover, you must watch this movie. The name of this movie that I am talking about is The Garden of Words. The Japanese name of this anime movie is Kotonoha no Niwa. This movie was written and also directed by Makoto Shinkai. “The Garden of Words” is a very innovative and beautiful love story.

Viewers Respond- The Garden of Words

This movie has received a positive response from Anime Lovers. IMDb Rating Is About 7.5 out Of 10, this anime movie has been liked by 95 percent of Google users. Google Play Rating Is About 5/5 point & My Anime List Gives 8.1/10 Point. As you have seen, this movie has received a good response from the audience. After seeing all these good reviews, I have to say this movie wins the heart of viewers.


Akizuki Takao, Kana Hanazawa, Miyu Irino, Fumi Hirano, Megumi Han, Takeshi Maeda.

Story Plot

This movie is about 15-year-old boy Akizuki Takao and 27-year-old girl Yukino. Takao does not mind reading at all his interest is more in shoe designs and making shoes. He only wants to make shoes all his life. Takao does not go to school on the day it rains. He used to go to the Garden on that day and makes shoe designs do the same when it rains. In the Garden where Takao went to make his shoe designs, he meets Yukino in the same Garden.

Yukino also used to go to the same Garden as Takao whenever it rains. Both become good friends. Their relationship is more than just a friendship, which they both feel but never say to each other. Because of the age gap between them, Yukino always stops herself because she knows that society will never accept the relationship between them. I do not want to end your excitation by telling the story ahead of it. Whether Yukino and Takao can meet or not, you have to watch this completely.

My review

‘The Garden of Words’ Anime I liked it very much. If I talk about the animation of ‘Garden Of Words’ is my all-time favorite. The song track of the background explains every single moment and scene more beautifully. The animation effects make this anime movie more realistic and enjoyable. The story of this movie is good and touches the hearts of the people.

The Garden of Words Book (Manga)

Have you read this manga? No, you should read this now. Manga explains everything in a very detailed way. Manga contains 220 pages. Written in English language and available On Amazon.

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