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Sword Art Online is a Japanese anime series. This anime has 3 episodes. Sword Art Online 7 was released in July 2012. Sword Art Online is an Adventure, Science Fiction, Thriller series. In this story, the game world is told.  Some people get caught in that game world and try to extricate themselves.

According to the rule of this game world, whoever is out in that game world will also die in the real world. All the characters in this series are very funny. As the series progresses, you will find its story even more interesting. You will find this anime story in Hindi also. You will enjoy this series very much.

Sword Art Online Hindi Dubbed Season 1

Story arc 1: Aincrad

Episode 1:- “The World of Swords”

Episode 2:- “Beater”

Episode 3:- “The Red-Nosed Reindeer”

Episode 4:- “The Black Swordsman”

Episode 5:- “Murder in the Safe Zone”

Episode 6:- “Illusionary Avenger”

Episode 7:- “The Temperature of the Heart”

Episode 8:- “The Sword Dance of Black and White”

Episode 9:- “The Blue-Eyed Demon”

Episode 10:- “Crimson Killing Intent”

Episode 11:- “Girl of the Morning Dew”

Episode 12:- “Yui’s Heart”

Episode 13:- “Edge of Hell’s Abyss”

Episode 14:- “The End of the World”

Story arc 2: Fairy Dance

Episode 15:- “Return”

Episode 16:- “Land of the Fairies”

Episode 17:- “Captive Queen”

Episode 18:- “To the World Tree”

Episode 19:- “The Legrue Corridor”

Episode 20:- “General of the Blazing Flame”

Episode 21:- “The Truth About Alfheim”

Episode 22:- “The Grand Quest”

Episode 23:- “Bonds”

Episode 24:- “Gilded Hero”

Episode 25:- “The World Seed” (Final Season)

Sword Art Online Hindi Dubbed Season 2

Story arc 3: Phantom Bullet

Episode 1:- “The World of Guns”

Episode 2:- “Cold-Hearted Sniper”

Episode 3:- “Memories of Blood”

Episode 4:- “Gun Gale Online (GGO)”

Episode 5:- “Guns and Swords”

Episode 6:- “Showdown in the Wilderness”

Episode 7:- “Crimson Memories”

Episode 8:- “Bullet of Bullets”

Episode 9:- “Death Gun”

Episode 10:- “Death Chaser”

Episode 11:- “What It Means to Be Strong”

Episode 12:- “Bullet of a Phantom”

Episode 13:- “Phantom Bullet”

Episode 14:- “One Little Step”

More Episode Are Coming Very Soon…

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