Shiki Anime Series English Dubbed Free Download

Shiki is a Japanese anime television series. This is Drama, an Anime series in English dubbed. This anime series was telecast on television from July 8, 2010, to December 30, 2010. 22+2 Specials is a list of episodes. The writer of this anime series is named Kenji Sugihara.

This anime series has been produced by Ai Abe. The director of the Shiki anime series is named Tetsurō Amino. The story of the Shiki series is based on mysterious deaths, you will like this series very much. You can also find the Shiki anime series in English. You can download this anime series by clicking on the link given below.

Shiki Anime Series English Dubbed

Episode-1 Blood

Episode-2 Decay

Episode-3 Tragedy

Episode-4 Death

Episode-5 Deceit

Episode-6 Skull

Episode-7 Killing Spirit

Episode-8 Night

Episode-9 Coffin

Episode-10 Mourning

Episode-11 Slaughter

Episode-12 Decay

Episode-13 Tragedy

Episode-14 Death

Episode-15 Deceit

Episode-16 Skull

Episode-17 Killing Spirit

Episode-18 Death

Episode-19 Coffin

Episode-20 Mourning

Episode-21 Slaughter

Episode-22 The Final Hunt

Special Episode 1

Special Episode 2

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