Plunderer Anime Series In Hindi Subbed Download

Plunderer is a Japanese anime television series. This is the television anime Action, Fantasy series. Plunderer anime is a series of 24 episodes. The writer of this television series is named Masashi Suzuki. Hiroyuki Kanbe has directed this anime series. This television series was telecast from 8 January 2020 to 24 June 2020.

The story of this anime series is very fantastic. The story of this television series is very unique. You have a lot of fun watching this series. You will also find this anime series in Hindi. You can download this series by clicking on the link given below. You must download this anime series.

Plunderer Episodes Hindi Subbed

Credits – Team Project X

Episode 01 “The Legendary Ace”

Episode 02 “I Hate You!”

Episode 03- “Uniforms are Uniforms”

Episode 04- “Ballot Holder”

Episode 05- “Don’t Apologize, Apologize”

Episode 06- “Hunch”

Episode 07- “It was Delicious”

Episode 08- “Demon of the Abyss”

Episode 09- “Plunderer”

Episode 10 – “Serious”

Episode 11 – “Up My Sleeve”

Episode 12 –“Entrance Ceremony”

Episode 13 –“Full Stomach”

Episode 14 –“7 Minutes 12 Seconds”

Episode 15 -“The Army That Does Not Kill”

Episode 16 –“A War For Waste Disposal”

Episode 17 –“Ace of Flashing Strikes”

Episode 18 – “Birth of Alicia”

Episode 19 – “Cheating”

Episode 20 – “Rain”

Episode 21 – “Father”

Episode 22 – “Promise”

Episode 23 – “Unforgivable”

Episode 24 – “The Red Baron”

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