Perfect Blue (18+) Anime Movie Hindi Subbed Download

Perfect Blue is a Japanese anime movie. This anime movie was released in 1997. Perfect Blue is a Japanese psychological thriller movie. The length of this anime series is 1h 30m. The author of this anime is named Sadayuki Murai. This anime movie is directed by Satoshi Kon. The main character of Perfect Blue movie is named Junko lwao, Rica Matsumoto, Shinpachi Tsuji, Masaaki Okura, Yoku Shiova. The story of this movie is based on a Pop singer.

She becomes a pop singer, singing, and becoming an actress. After becoming an actress, how a man harasses mentally and physically is shown in this story. That girl has mental issues. What does that girl do, and how will her behavior change when you see this movie, you will know. You will also find this movie in Hindi. You can download this anime movie by clicking the link given below. This is a very good psychological thriller movie.

Perfect Blue Movie Hindi Subbed

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