Parasyte The Maxim Anime Series English Dubbed Download

Parasyte The Maxim is a Japanese anime television series. This is a Body horror, Horror, Science Fiction anime series. The Parasyte The Maxim anime series was telecast on television from October 9, 2014, to March 26, 2015. This anime series has 24 lists of episodes. The writer of this anime series is named Shōji Yonemura.

This anime series is done by Toshio Nakatani. The director of the Parasyte anime series is named Kenichi Shimizu. The story of the Parasyte anime series is very interesting and unique, definitely watch. You can also find the Parasyte anime series in English. You can download this anime series by clicking on the link given below.

Parasyte The Maxim Anime Series English Dubbed

Episode-1 The Metamorphosis

Episode-2 The Devil in the Flesh

Episode-3 Symposium

Episode-4 Disheveled Hair

Episode-5 The Stranger

Episode-6 The Sun Also Rises

Episode-7 A Dark Night’s Passing

Episode-8 Freezing Point

Episode-9 Beyond Good and Evil

Episode-10 What Mad Universe

Episode-11 The Blue Bird

Episode-12 Heart

Episode-13 Hello Sadness

Episode-14 The Selfish Gene

Episode-15 Something Wicked This Way Comes

Episode-16 Happy Family

Episode-17 The Adventure of the Dying Detective

Episode-18 More Than Human

Episode-19 In Cold Blood

Episode-20 Crime and Punishment

Episode-21 Sex and Spirit

Episode-23 Quiescence and Awakening

Episode-24 Life and Oath

Episode-25 Parasyte

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