Overlord Anime Series In Hindi Subbed HD Download

Overlord is a Japanese television series. This anime series is written by Kugane Maruyama. This is an action, fantasy, and fiction anime series. This anime series has 13 episodes. 3 seasons of this series have been telecast on television. The first series of the Overlord anime was telecast on television on 7 July 2015.

Names of main characters of this anime series Satoshi Hino, Masayuki Kato, Yumi Hara, Sumire Uesaka, Manami Numakura, Emiri Kato. Overlord is based on the story action of the anime series. If you are fond of watching action anime, then you will love the Overlord series. You will also find this anime series in Hindi. You can download the overlord television series by clicking on the link given below.

Overlord In Hindi Subbed: Season 1

Credits – Team Project X

Episode 01 – “End and Beginning”

Episode 02 – “Floor Guardians”

Episode 03 – “The Battle of Carne Village”

Episode 04 – “Ruler of Death”

Episode 05 – “Two Adventurers”

Episode 06 – “Journey”

Episode 07 – “Wise King of Forest”

Episode 08 – “Twin Swords of Slashing Death”

Episode 09 – “The Dark Warrior”

Episode 10 – “True Vampire”

Episode 11 – “Confusion and Understanding”

Episode 12 – “The Bloody Valkyrie”

Episode 13 – “Player VS Non-Player Character”

Overlord In Hindi Subbed: Season 2

Episode 14 – “The Dawn of Despair”

Episode 15 – “Departure”

Episode 16 -“Lizard Men, Gathering”

Episode 17 -“Army of Death”

Episode 18 -“The Freezing God”

Episode 19 -“Those Who Pick Up, Those Who Are Picked Up”

Episode 20 -“Blue Roses”

Episode 21 -“A Boy’s Feeling”

Episode 22 -“Soaring Sparks Of Fire”

Episode 23 -“Disturbance Begins In The Royal Capital”

Episode 24 -“Jaldabaoth”

Episode 25 -“The Final Battle Of The Disturbance”

Episode 26 -“The Ultimate Trump Card”

Overlord In Hindi Subbed: Season 3

Episode 27

Episode 28

More Are Coming Soon……….

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