Oscars Oasis In Hindi Dubbed Free Download

Oscars Oasis is a French-South Korean computer-animated series in Hindi dubbed. It is a family, children’s Silent comedy, Slapstick animation series. Oscars Oasis animation series is being telecasted on television from 4 September 2010. The running time of Oscars Oasis series television per episode is 4 minutes pilot, 1-3 minutes shorts, 7 minutes original.

This animation series has 78 +7 shorts + 1 pilot list of episodes. The director of this animation series is named Arthur Qwak. The story of Oscars Oasis animation series is based on Oscar’s Oasis, you must see this animation series very cute. You can also get Oscar’s Oasis animation series in Hindi, you can download this animation series by clicking on the link given below.

Oscars Oasis In Hindi Dubbed

Episode 01: Bad Trip

Episode 02: Egg Race

Episode 03: Finding Water

Episode 04: Baby Doll

Episode 05: Falling in Love

Episode 06: The Fly

Episode 07: Hot Dog Way of Life

Episode 08: Walking on the Moon

Episode 09: Chicken Charmer

Episode 10: Oasis Cup

Episode 11: Home Sweet Home

Episode 12: Road Runners

Episode 13: Top Gun

Episode 14: Beach Dream

Episode 15: Blueberry

Episode 16: Meerkat Blues

Episode 17: Parasol, Parabole, and Satellite Dish

Episode 18: Barbecue Party

Episode 19: Pronto Express

Episode 20: Junior

Episode 21: Strike!

Episode 22: Cuckoo Horn

Episode 23: Fly Force One

Episode 24: The Great Escape

Episode 25: Rock a Bye Booboo

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