Junji Ito Slug Girl Story Explained

Today In this post I am going to explain the second story of Juji Ito Collection Anime Series episode 3 named “Slug Girl” Story.

Slug Girl Story is also a good & creepy story of Junji Ito Collections. So, let’s start its an explanation.

A girl’s name is Rie, who sees her talkative friend Yuuko that she doesn’t talk much to anyone these days. She remains silent during school time. When Yuko does not come to school for a long time, she goes to her house to meet Yuuko. At the gate of her home, she sees Yuuko’s parents throwing salt on slugs in the backyard. Actually, the slugs are spread all around her house. Yuuko’s mother leads Rie to her room. Where Yuuko was lying on her mouth with a mask.

Yuuko’s mother tells Rie that the doctor has told her to rest because her mental health is weak. Rie asks Yuuko to open her mouth, but Yuuko refuses.

Yuuko looks so terrifying by fear to Rie. She says that she had seen him panicking just once when a friend from Elementary School tried to scare her with a slug in her backyard. Yuuko was very much afraid of slugs.

The next day Rie again comes home, where she sees her mother panicking. It is here that Rie learns that Yuuko’s tongue has been transformed into a slug. She never goes inside her house after seeing that horrific scene with her own eyes.

Parents learn about Yuuko’s growing tongue and try to cut it, but it becomes more grown-up than ever. Her parents fill her mouth with salt, but nothing changes. Things get so bad that she could not even eat food.

Her parents finally dispose of a bathtub filled with salt to give Yuuko a bath so that the problem is cured, but this causes Yuuko’s entire body to melt into the saltwater. The only thing left is her head and her Slug Tounge. Yuuko is seen crawling like a slug on a tree in her backyard.

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