Idaten Jump Anime Series Hindi Dubbed Download

Idaten Jump is a Japanese animation series available in Hindi dubbed. This is a family, comedy, children’s Sports mountain biking animation series. The Idaten Jump animation series was telecast on television from October 1, 2005, to September 30, 2006.  The running time of the television per episode of the Idaten Jump series is up to 22 mint.

The author of this animation series is named Fumihiko Shimo.  This series has been directed by Takayuki hamana. The story of Idaten Jump animation series is based on the adventure of schoolboys, you will definitely see this animation series very much interesting. Idaten jump You can also find the animation series in Hindi, you can download this animation series by clicking on the link given below.

Idaten Jump Hindi Dubbed

Episode 01 – This Is An MTB Battle!

Episode 02 – Big Escape! Sand Dune Battle

Episode 03 – Crash! The First Defeat

Episode 04 – Take Back! My MTB!

Episode 05 – Fiery Volcano Battle!!

Episode 06 – A High-Tech Group’s Challenge

Episode 07 – Ouch! MTB’s Graveyard

Episode 08 – Enter Neptune! NEPTUNE

Episode 09 – The Identity Of The Masked Boy

Episode 10 – The Strongest Rival Appears

Episode 11 – Onboard Battle! Team ST’s Trap

Episode 12 – The Admired Celeb Resort City

Episode 13 – School Battle! Explosion, Idaten Cross

Episode 14 – The Man Who Beat Flame Kaiser

Episode 15 – The Prince of MTB

Episode 16 – Struggle In The Rain, Awakened Neptune

Episode 17 – Finally Understand! Team ST’s Secret

Episode 18 – A New Assassin! The Test’s Battle Between Siblings

Episode 19 – Showdown! Flame Kaiser VS. Thunder Emperor

Episode 20 – Formidable Opponent! Ninja Rider Kokage

Episode 21 – X City’s Gate Guardians

Episode 22 – Arrival! X City

Episode 23 – The Idaten Battle Tournament Begins

Episode 24 – Crash! Flame Kaiser VS. Neptune

Episode 25 – Hammerhead! The 6th Idaten Bike

Episode 26 – Certain Kill! Shido Special

Episode 27 – Battle! Hammerhead VS. Aero Scissors!

Episode 28 – The Final Showdown’s Conspiracy

Episode 29 – Final Battle! Who Will Be The Victor

Episode 30 – Charge! X Tower

Episode 31 – Decisive Battle! Flame Kaiser VS. Bloody Fang

Episode 32 – Farewell X Zone

Episode 33 – A New, Formidable Enemy – The Name Is Team X

Episode 34 – To X Zone Again!

Episode 35 – Shock! Sho’s Father Is Alive

Episode 36 – Roar! Imperial Dragon!!

Episode 37 – Crash! The First Defeat

Episode 38 – Gabu’s Allure, Flame Kaiser’s In A Pinch

Episode 39- Climax! Imperial Dragon VS. Aero Scissors

Episode 40 – The Nameless Forest’s Vermin

Episode 41 – Arthur’s Challenge! The Road To The Island Of Illusion

Episode 42 – Idaten Bike’s Big Gathering! The Showdown With Team X

Episode 43 – Sho VS. Shido! Battle Of Life Or Death!

Episode 44 – Shocking Reunion! Imperial X Appears

Episode 45 – The Second Island Appears! The Beginning Of The World’s Collapse

Episode 46 – Charge! Team X VS. Imperial DG

Episode 47 – The Legendary Training Grounds, Sho’s Special Training!

Episode 48 – Crash! The First Defeat

Episode 49 – Flame Kaiser Vs Team Idaten!

Episode 50 – The Battle for Imperial Island!

Episode 51 – The Battle of Destiny, The Final Battle!

Episode 52 – Awakening the World (Final)

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