Grand Blue Anime Series In Hindi Subbed Download

Grand Blue is a Japanese anime television series. Grand Blue is a comedy anime series. Grand Blue is the 12 list of episodes of the anime series. The first episode of this anime series was telecast on television from 14 July to 29 September 2018. The writer of this anime series is named Shinji Takamatsu. This anime series is directed by Shinji Takamatsu.

The main characters of this anime series are Iori Kitahara, Chisa Kotegawa, Toshio Kotegawa, Nanaka Kotegawa, Kōhei Imamura, Shinji Tokita, Ryujiro Kotobuki. In this anime series, you will get to see a lot of comedy. The story of this series is based on swimming and underwater. You will also find this anime series in Hindi. You can download this series by clicking on the link given below.

Grand Blue Hindi Subbed

Episode 01 “Deep Blue”

Episode 02 “Underwater”

Episode 03 “A New World”

Episode 04 –“The Male Beauty Pageant”

Episode 05 – “Too Late”

Episode 06- “First Buddy”

Episode 07- “Doubles”

Episode 08- “Men’s Cocktails”

Episode 09- “Shopping”

Episode 10-“Arrival in Okinawa”

Episode 11- “You Have the Wrong Idea”

Episode 12- “Otori” (Final Episode)

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