Franklin and Friends Animation Series Dubbed Download

Franklin and Friends a Canadian and Singapore animation series.  It is a Fantasy, Cartoon, Children’s television animation series.  Franklin and friends. The animation series was telecast on television from March 4, 2011, to December 22, 2013. The running time of the television and per episode of the Franklin and Friends series is up to 23 mint. This animation series has 52 lists of episodes. The story of the Franklin and Friends animation series is very funny.  You will definitely see this animation series as very cute.  Franklin and friends, You can also find the animation series in Hindi, you can download this animation series by clicking on the link given below.

Franklin and Friends Dubbed

Episode 27: The Two Henrys

Episode 28: Starring Role

Episode 29: The Computer

Episode 30: Franklin’s Fossil 

Episode 31: Franklin’s Cellar

Episode 32: Franklin the Hero 

Episode 33: Homemade Cookies

Episode 34: Franklin Camps Out

Episode 35: Franklin Takes the Bus

Episode 36: Big Brother Franklin

Episode 37: Franklin’s Promise 

Episode 38: Franklin’s Maple Syrup

Episode 39: Franklin’s Missing Snacks 

Episode 40: Franklin’s Submarine

Episode 41: Franklin Has The Hiccups

Episode 42: Franklin’s Shell Trouble

Episode 43: Franklin Snoops

Episode 44: Franklin Plays Hockey

Episode 45: Franklin’s Stopwatch

Episode 46: Franklin’s Funny Business

Episode 47: Franklin’s Berry Patch

Episode 48: The Trading Cards

Episode 49: Franklin The Detective

Episode 50: Franklin’s Lucky Charm

Episode 51: Franklin And Snail’s Dream 

Episode 52: Franklin’s Mom

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