Detective Conan Anime Series In Hindi Dubbed Free Download

Detective Conan is a Japanese anime series in hindi dubbed. It is an Anime, Mystery, Crime, Comedy, Adventure, Animation, Thriller, Crime film series. The Donald Duck animation series was telecast on television on 8 January 1996. The television is run per episode of the Detective Conan series run-up to 22 min.

The story of Detective Conan animation series is based on Detective boy, you must look at this anime series very cute and interesting. You can also find the Detective Conan anime series in Hindi, you can download this animation series by clicking on the link given below.

Detective Conan Hindi Dubbed


Episode 01: Roller Coaster Murder Case

Episode 02: President’s Daughter Kidnapping Case

Episode 04: City Coded Map Case

Episode 05: The Bullet Train Bombing Case

Episode 6 – Valentine Murder Case (English)

Episode 7 – Once-A-Month Present Threat Case (English)

Episode 8 – Art Museum Owner Murder Case (English)

Episode 09: Festival Fiasco

Episode 10: Deadly Game

Episode 15: The Shooter

Episode 18: The Case of the Hi-Jacked Department Store

Episode 20: Fashion Sense

Episode 21: The Disappearing Ac

Episode 22: Lights, Camera… Murder

Episode 23: Smooth Sailing (Part 1)

Episode 24: Smooth Sailing (Part 2)

Episode 25: Better Off Forgotten

Episode 26: The Counterfeit Ransom Kidnapping

Episode 27: Jack Attacks

Episode 28: Richard’s Class Reunion (Part 1)

Episode 29: Richard’s Class Reunion (Part 2)


Episode 30: The computer murder case

Episode 31: Alibi Testimony Murder Case

Episode 34: Detective Boys Survival Case

Episode 35: Detective Boys Survival Case Case (Part 1)

Episode 36: Mountain Villa Bandaged Man Murder Case (Part 2)

Episode 38: Cactus’s Flower Murder Case

Episode 43: Karaoke Box Murder Case

Episode 44: Conan Edogawa Kidnapping Case

Episode 45: Three Hotta Siblings Murder Case

Episode 46: Facial Mask Murder Case

Episode 47: Alpine Hut in the Snowy Mountain Murder Case

Episode 48: Sports Club Murder Case


Episode 01:  The Train Trick Murder Case NEW

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