Death Note Hindi Dubbed All Episodes Download

Death Note is an anime television series available in Hindi dubbed. It is Anime, Animation, Horror, Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Crime Fiction series. Death Note anime series was released in October 2006. The author of this anime series is named Toshiki Inoue. This anime series has been produced by Toshio Nakatani, Manabu Tamura. The director of the Death Note anime series is named Tetsurō Araki.

It bases the story of Death Note on a high-school student named Light Yagami. In this series, you get Light Yagami, a mysterious black notebook named “Death Note”. You will find this anime series very interesting, definitely see it. You can also find the Death Note anime series in Hindi. You can download this anime series by clicking on the link given below.

Death Note Episodes In Hindi Dubbed 

Episode 01 – Rebirth

Episode 02 – Confrontation

Episode 03 – Dealings

Episode 04-Pursuit

Episode 5 Tactics

Episode 6 Unraveling

Hindi Dub by SuperAnimex DubTm

Episode 07- Overcast

Episode 08- Glare

Episode 09- Encounter

Episode 10- Doubt

Episode 11- Assault

Episode 12- Love

Episode 13- Confession

Episode 14- Friend

Episode 15- Wager

Episode 16- Decision

Episode 17- Execution

Episode 18- Ally

Episode 19- Matsuda

 Episode 20- Makeshift

 Episode 21- Performance

Episode 22- Guidance  

Episode 23- Frenzy

 Episode 24- Revival 

 Episode 25- Silence

 Episode 26- Renewal

Episode 27- Abduction

 Episode 28- Impatience 

 Episode 29- Father

Episode 30- Justice

 Episode 31- Transfer

Episode 32- Selection

Episode 33- Sc

Some Episodes Are Coming Very Soon

Episode 34- Vigilance

Episode 35- Malice

Episode 36- 1.28

Episode 37- New World (Season Finale)

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