Beyblade Metal Fusion Hindi Dubbed Download

Beyblade Metal Fusion is a Japanese anime series available in hindi dubbed. It is a family, comedy, children adventure anime series. The Beyblade Burst Evolution anime series was telecast on television from April 5, 2009, to March 28, 2010. The running time of television pay per episode of Beyblade Metal Fusion anime series is up to 25 min. Beyblade Metal Fusion is the 51 list of episodes of the anime series.

The author of this anime series is named Katsumi Hasegawa. Beyblade: Metal Fusion anime series Mamiko Aoki, produced by Nao Yoshida. The story of Beyblade: Metal Fusion anime series is based on Beyblade, you will definitely see this anime series very interesting. You can also find Beyblade: Metal Fusion anime series in Hindi, you can download this anime series by clicking on the link given below.

Beyblade Metal Fusion Hindi Dubbed

Episode 1-Pegasus Has Landed

Episode 2- Leone’s Roar

Episode 3-The Wolf’s Ambition

Episode 4- “Charge! Bull Power!”

Episode 5- “Vengeful Gasher”

Episode 6- “Aquario’s Challenge”

Episode 7- “It’s Our Special Move! Sagittario”

Episode 8-“Merci’s Dangerous Trap”

Episode 9- “Leone’s Counterattack”

Episode 10- “Heated Battle! Gingka Versus Kyoya”

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