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Baki is a Japanese television anime series. The Baki anime series was telecast on television from 23 July 2001 to 24 December 2001. This anime series is a series of 24-episodes. The writer of the Baki series is named Tatsuhiko Urahata. This anime series is produced by Tetsu Kojima.

The director of the Baki series is Toshiki Hirano. This anime is an action, fight series. You will get to see a lot of action in the story of this series. In this anime story, a boy training hard karate so that he can fight karate with his father. This story is full of action and fight scenes. You will also find this series in Hindi. You can download this anime series by clicking the link given below.

BAKI 2018 Hindi Episodes

Episode:- 1 “Synchronicity”

Episode:- 2 “Dark Martial Arts”

Episode:- 3 “They’re Finally Here!!”

Episode:- 4 “The Battle Begins!!”

Episode:- 5 “Want Some More?”

Episode:- 6 “Sergeant Katahira‚Äôs Report”

Episode:- 7 “A Formidable Team”

Episode:- 8 “A Match vs a True Fight”

Episode:- 9 “Shaken Shinshinkai!!”

Episode:- 10 “Air Duel”

Episode:- 11 “Tiger Killer”

Episode:- 12 “Candy”

Episode:- 13 “Mr. Oliva”

Episode:- 14 “Ungranted Freedom”

Episode:- 15 “Tremendous Muscle Power”

Episode:- 16 “Slash”

Episode:- 17 “Dad!”

Episode:- 18 “Thanks”

Episode:- 19 “Admission of Defeat”

Episode:- 20 “Saga”

Episode:- 21 “Punishment”

Episode:- 22 “Clash of the Alphas!”

Episode:- 23 “The Real Attack”

Episode:- 24 “Defeat”

Episode:- 25 “God and the Devil”

Episode:- 26 “The Centennial Tournament”

BAKI 2020 Hindi Episodes

Episode:- 1 “Begin! The Centennial Tournament”

Episode:- 2 “Turnaround”

Episode:- 3 “Revived!”

Episode:- 4 “Team Formed!”

Episode:- 5 “Hand Pocket”

Episode:- 6 “Excellennnnt!”

Episode:- 7 “Kaioh”

Episode:- 8 “The Title of the Strongest”

Episode:- 9 “The Master vs the Boxer”

Episode:- 10 “Stand and Fight”

Episode:- 11 “Awakening”

Episode:- 12 “Completion”

Episode:- 13 “Revenge Tokyo” (Coming Soon)

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