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Assassination classroom Anime Series Subbed In Hindi Download

The assassination classroom is a Japanese anime television series. It is a science fiction comedy manga series. This anime series was released on 10 January 2015. Assassination is a total of 22 episodes of classroom anime series.

This television series is created by being influenced by manga. Its writer’s name is Yusei Matsui. This series has been produced by Brain’s Base. The name of the main character of this anime television series is Koro-sensei, Nagisa Shiota, Karma Akabane, Kaede Kayano.

If I tell you about the story of this series, this story is based on an octopus monster that destroyed the moon 70 percent. That octopus monster’s target is earth. That octopus agreement with the minister of Japan. What he does agree and who and how can kill him, you will know when you see this series. You must watch this anime series. You will also find this series in Hindi. You will find the link to this anime below, you must download it.

Assassination classroom Anime In Hindi Subbed

Episode 1:- “Assassination Time”

Episode 2:- “Baseball Time”

Episode 3:- “Karma Time”

Episode 4:- “Grown-Up Time”

Episode 5:- “Assembly Time”

Episode 6:- “Test Time”

Episode 7:- “School Trip Time/1st Period”

Episode 8:- “School Trip Time/2nd Period”

Episode 9:- “Transfer Student Time”

Episode 10:- “L and R Time”

Episode 11:- “Transfer Student Time/2nd Period”

Assassination classroom Anime In English Dubbed

Episode 12:- “Ball Game Tournament Time”

Episode 13:- “Talent Time”

Episode 14:- “Vision Time”

Episode 15:- “End-of-Term Time”

Episode 16:- “School’s Out/1st Term”

Episode 17:- “Island Time”

Episode 18:- “Action Time”

Episode 19:- “Pandemonium Time”

Episode 20:- “Karma Time/2nd Period”

Episode 21:- “Takaoka Time”

Episode 22:- “Nagisa Time”

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