Angels Of Death Anime Series Hindi Dubbed Download

Angels of Death is a horror anime Japanese series. Actually, the story of this anime series has been taken from a video game. The name of that video game is also Angels of Death. A total of 16 episodes of Angels of Death have been made. If we talk about the main character of this series, then their names are Haruka Chisuga, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Takahiro Sakurai, Natsumi Fujiwara, Mariya Ise, Hōchū Ōtsuka.

This anime series was released on 26 October 2018. If we talk about this anime story then its story is very interesting. The story of mystery building is shown in this anime. There is a killer on every floor of that building. The whole anime story is based on how a girl gets trapped in that building and tries to get out. You will find this anime in Hindi also.

Angels Of Death Hindi Dubbed

Credit:- Shadow Dubbers

Episode:-1 Kill Me… Please

Episode:- 2 Your Grave is Not Here

Episode:- 3 I Swear to God

More Episodes Are Coming Soon

Episode:- 4 A Sinner has No Right of Choice

Episode:- 5 Don’t Let Me Kill You Just Yet

Episode:- 6 Zack is the Only One Who Can Kill Me

Episode:- 7 Who Are You?

Episode:- 8 Yeah…, I’m a Monster

Episode:- 9 There is no God in this World

Episode:- 10 The Witch Trial Shall Start

Episode:- 11 Cause You Are My God, Zack

Episode:- 12 Try to Know Everything About Her

Episode:- 13 Try to Know Everything About Her

Episode:- 14 Swear You Will be Killed by Me

Episode:- 15 A Vow Cannot Be Stolen

Episode:- 16 Stop Crying and Smile

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